Lily of the Valley is a local small business based in the Lower Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Phillipa studied floristry under the amazing Samantha Harper, and later Jeff Smith. She has a passion for Australian natives and all things eco-friendly - recycled, up-cycled and local. A large part of her work focuses on interpreting a client’s brief and capturing their concept, personality, style and imagination. A particular focus of her skill set is choosing flowers and foliage that are seasonal and long-lasting.

She is thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunity to work with such an incredible medium. Floristry, as in any other art-form, takes care to credit designers for their work and design concepts. As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, she believes that it is only right to acknowledge and credit the Great Designer with the incredible beauty and intricacies we see in flowers and plants. Arranging flowers in ways which are pleasing to the eye is nothing compared to the design, colour, balance and form of any one individual bloom.

To God be the Glory!