Flower Care

There are 3 key steps to best preserve your flower bouquet!
1. Ensure you have a clean vase. You might need to give it a bit of a scrub if used regularly!
2. Change your vase water every 2-3 days. Where possible use a pair of secateurs or snips and trim stems back a cm or two. Stems should be white/green. Trim back any browning stems until they are white/green. If stems are slimy to the touch or have been left longer than 3 days trim back an inch or more and rub stems to remove any slime under running water. Remember to clean the vase too!
3. Remove spent blooms as needed. On occasion some of the prettier garden varieties will live out their life quicker than others but this does not mean all the flowers in the arrangement are finished! Swap to a shorter the vase if you prefer or simply regroup and retie.
Note: Ideally remove rubber band on purchase if using a narrow necked vase ann retain for a wider necked vases but keep an eye out for moisture issues between stems if retaining the band.
Enjoy your flowers!